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Strateqy and Marketing

Budgeting and Forecasting

Defining critical success factors

Costprices and Calculations

Performance measurement

Strategy, Marketing, Organisation

  • Defining required Return on Investment 
  • SWOT analysis (strongnesses, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • How do we distiguish ourselves, which are the releavant USP's 
  • Defining policies for each department
  • Cashflowpolicy and management
  • Setting up websites incl. Internetmarketing (SEO)

Budgeting, Forecasting

  • Negotiating budgets, targets
  • Defining budgets, targets
  • Finalising overall budgets
  • Forecasting coming years

Critical succesfactors

  • Defining critical succesfactors - critical performance indicators 
  • Monitoring and reporting

Costprices, Calculations

  • Defining Price and marginpolicies
  • Defining cost centers and costdrivers
  • Direct costing vs. Absorption costing 
  • Calculationmodels for quotations (excel)
  • Procedures related to.

Performance measurement

  • Maintaining Management informationsystem
  • Setting up bookkeepingsystems
  • Maintaining Ledgeraccounts, General Ledger
  • Setting up clear procedures in order to acquire the correct information
  • Defining clear and simple reporting formats.

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