Quick Scan..

A quick Scan for 195 Euro only...

Thinking more bottomline....

                 Is your company facing problems in realising a good profit ? 

Do the Quick scan and let me analyze your business strategy, internetmarketing, organisation, KPI's, pricing policy, costprices, performance measurement, etc. Within one week i will send you my report which can be further discussed when you like.

Which information do I need ?

  • Balance sheets last 3 years
  • Profit and Loss statements per Month or Quarter this year
  • Profit and Loss statements last 2 years  
  • Your website(s)
  • Management accounting reports as far available...(current yr)
  • Budgetplanning as far as available (current yr)
  • More information on request (f.e. marketinfo, orderbook, costprices, calculations, quotations etc.)


               What advice you may expect from me ? *

  • Advice with regards your strategy, marketing and business plans in general
  • Advice with regards your internetmarketing (SEO)
  • Advice with regards your pricing policy, costprices and / or calculations
  • Advice with regards your budgeting and forecasting
  • Advice with regards your accountingsystem, ledger
  • Advice with regards your cash management

             * based on available information so far


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