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25 Years of relevant experience.. !

My name is Ard and i was born in 1968 in the Netherlands. I am a qualified Business Controller since i graduated for my HOFAM (QC). Since 1993 i have been working as a Business Controller in various industries like dairy produce, the automotive sector, elevator business and metalindustries. Subsequently in 2008 i succesfully started my own profitable business in manufacturing woodfired Hot Tubs and Spa┬┤s. My control experience from the past seemed to be key to its success.

As i am still young (51) i do still like to advice and assist entrepreneurs in controlling their daily business on a freelance basis. Therefore I am continuously looking for new challenges anywhere.

Languages spoken:  Dutch, English, German and to a certain extent French.

In my work i am generally working according to the following principles :

  • Keep solutions simple (so other people can work with it);
  • Follow the 80/20 rule (save time and costs by focusing on headlines); 
  • Focus on headlines (minimize investments in the first instance, they need to be earned back);  

Please feel free to contact me in case you consider to cooperate with me.


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